How lucky we are?

Sometimes, we whine and complain about our lives. It seems so many of us just aren’t content and satisfied with what we have now. Have you ever thought of  how lucky we are compared to those who are much more less fortunate than us? When is the last time you helped another person? Are people morally obligated to help the less fortunate who are born with physical deformities like these children? These kids made me realize that my life is blessed and they gave me a huge wake-up call. To be honest, I never thought that I would be taking their photos and I feel really really bad during the documentation process. My heart is aching and I felt guilty everytime I click the shutter and I kept repeatedly saying sorry to them. I tried not to shed tears when one of the kids grabbed my camera while I was taking his photo, I showed him the pictures on my camera lcd screen but he just looked at me and gave no response. A normal person would usually get excited and express emotions when they see their own pictures. Deep inside my heart, I just want to help them and hopefully people will see and feel their feelings and needs through my photos because the centre is in need of some public contributions such as adult/kids diapers as well as food items, medical equipment and aids for rehabilitation needs such as furniture, wheelchairs, and walking aids for these special kids. They need these things and our help just to survive another day. Please contact The Handicapped And Mentally Disabled Children Association Selangor or Kak Lizz at +6018-6674588 if you are interested in helping and would like to know more information about the centre. Please share if you care. Thank you for taking your time to view my post.














2 thoughts on “How lucky we are?

  1. Luke,

    What wonderful photos! I congratulate you on showing so magnificently and compassionately images of what is so often not talked about and not known in public. Before my retirement I was a professional psychologist and in my younger years worked with children such as the ones you photographed so I know from personal and professional experience what you write about and most of all, tell with your camera. Great work!

  2. Heart wrenching capture, Luke… made my eyes and heart filled with tears. More often than not we get so consumed by our own petty problems that we don’t realize how lucky we really are. Thank you for reminding me to be thankful…

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