Bersih 3.0 Rally

“Bersih” (meaning clean in Malay) also called the Walk for Democracy was a demonstration in Kuala Lumpur is a coalition of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) which seeks to reform the current electoral system in Malaysia to ensure free, clean and fair elections. The first Bersih rally was held on Nov 10, 2007 followed with the second gathering (known as Bersih 2.0) on July 9, 2011  gathered people from all walks of life, states, and races wearing yellow shirts as a symbol of believe and support the protests with the objective of campaigning for clean and fair elections, against corruptions and dirty politics in Malaysia. This year, I’ve participated in the third Bersih rally known as Bersih 3.0 on April 28, 2012 with my wife, Eno, Ruby, and Robin (good friend of mine who has the same interests in photography, do check out Robin’s photography blog). It was a good experience for us to photograph the rally and to be able to be there to witness history in the making in our country. I’ll admit it’s not easy to capture these photos when I’m having limited angle to shoot, blocked by the crowds, being pushed hard, and escaping from tear gas making it harder to take photos but it’s all worth it in the end. I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation to my beloved Wife, Robin, Eno, and Ruby for taking care of me during the rally. Thank you for taking your time to read and view my photos. Cheers.

People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people – V for Vendetta

Police in riot gear blocked raid historic Merdeka Square, surrounded by barbed wire and barricades.

They come in peace

Police Helicopter Surveillance

Karpal Singh, despite his wheelchair-bound condition, visited Dataran Merdeka to show support for Bersih

Fight For Your Right


Some protestors climbed an abandoned building to get a better view of the rally.

The road has become so empty and quiet during Bersih rally, with Robin Wong in this picture.

Ambiga Sreenevasan, co-chair of the Malaysian democracy movement Bersih

Some of the protestors have been beaten by some of these policeman.

Protestors from all the states in Malaysia.

Melissa Goh – Channel News Asia Reporter at work

Young and old bonded together showing their support for Bersih.

One of the protestors offering prayer.

Old citizen got mad after being fired with tear gas.

Federal Reserve Unit – a riot control forces

Sit and protest

Protesters began stepping over the barbed wire

3 Races, 1 Malaysia spirit

Protestor disperse after being fired tear gas.

Good Samaritan

A help from above. The people who stayed at the nearby hotels helped those who have suffered from tear gas by spraying water through the windows with fire hose.

FRU personnel, armed with batons and shields were then seen patrolling those roads to keep supporters away from Dataran Merdeka.

AP reporter, Seng Sin Lai sending live updates and photos

Tear gas suffocation


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