Family Shoots For My Good Buddy

How many of you still keep in touch with your primary schoolmates? Have you ever wondered what happened to them? How about your best friend you lost contact with overtime? Unfortunately, it’s not easy to stay in touch and sometimes you lost track with old friends. People will start to have their own career, their new life,  get married or move away and this can make it difficult to communicate with those you used to know. I have a story i would like to share, a story about me and my long lost friend Royce. I have lost contact with Royce since we left secondary school. Royce, he’s been my good buddy for as long as i can remember. We walk to school together, we eat lunch together at school, we built a fish pond together, went for fishing, we got the same primary school’s exam results, and we just did a lot of things together. Nonetheless, the friendship we have  is not always smooth sailing. There are a lot of times when we disagree, having arguments, and even end up fighting but eventually we became good friends again. About 3 years ago, I found him on facebook and we were both really excited to finally got in contact after all these years. Time flies, as we get a little older and we all have to do things adults have to do. Royce has found his lifetime companion, Melanie, they settled down and got married on 15th August 2007. Royce and Melanie were blessed with a son on 22th February 2011 whom they named Branson. They soon moved to Shanghai for work purposes. I’m so happy for them but at the same time, I’m feeling old…Sigh..time flies so fast but that’s life. Few weeks ago, Royce texted me to tell me that he and his family are going to Singapore for a business trip and they would also be visiting their families in Malaysia.  He asked me if I could take photos of his family during their stay at his parent’s house in Malaysia and to meet me at the same time. Honestly saying, I have no experience with family shoots and I’m afraid I’m going to dissapoint them and I even suggested another person to shoot for his family but Royce still want me to take the job because he wants someone who knows him well to take his pictures. I’ve accepted the job and take it as a learning lesson for me.  I really had fun shooting for this family and few photos to celebrate Royce and Melanie 4th anniversary. It’s nice to meet Royce, Melanie, Branson, Cheryl, and Doris in person and they really gave me a warm feeling. It’s been more than a decade since I’ve last seen Royce, Cheryl ( Royce’s younger sister ), and Doris ( Royce’s mom ). It’s good to see them again. May God abundantly bless them. Enjoy the photos.

Royce, Branson, and Melanie

Cheryl & Royce

Melanie & Doris

Royce, Doris, and Cheryl.

Cheryl Tai

Brother & Sister

Grandma & Grandson

Breastfeeding - The joyful bond between mom and baby.

15th August 2011 marks the 4th wedding anniversary of Royce and Melanie. Wishing them the best of life today and in the days to come.



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