The Festival Of Colours

I was invited by Gary Ng to shoot the Hindu religious festival of Holi at Shree Lakshmi Narayan Mandir Temple, Kuala Lumpur on 18th March 2012. Holi is celebrated by people throwing coloured powder ( Holi Gulal ) at each other along with people splasing water, and water mixed with colour. I knew that if I wanted to really capture something nice , I would have had to get drenched in colour and water but it’s OK as long as I can get some good shots. Although I myself, camera and lens got colored and wet a few times but it was worth it in the end. Please enjoy the photos. Thank you for taking your time to visit my blog.

This is how I look like while taking photos of Holi festival. People come up to me, says "Happy Holi" and smears my face with colored powder and I just have to say "Happy Holi" back and accept more powder stuff on my face. It was a fun experience. This photo was taken by Ks Fang and I really like it.=)


10 thoughts on “The Festival Of Colours

  1. Impressive set of photographs, Luke !! The explosion of emotion and intensity of joy were very well captured and projected. There is so much life in those photographs of the Holi celebration.
    I almost made it to the celebration, but last minute plan popped up If I went I would have met you two days in a row.
    Nonetheless, I must not miss this celebration next year.

  2. Love the colours from these shots!
    Btw, did the dye come off easily? I’m marking my calender, going to bring my children there next year. I think they will have a swell time.

    • Hello Zara, I’m sorry for my late reply. The colours don’t come off easily, the powder/dye will penetrate deeper into the skin and takes a few days to clear. Thanks for taking your time to view my photos =)

  3. This is really impressive! Love the visuals of these photographs. I “featured” you in my Tumblr as photographic inspiration (well kind of, it’s actually more for myself to remember) and used one of your photographs in the short post… hope you don’t mind! You can view it at Let me know if you want me to take it down.

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