I’m back….

Hi, hope it’s not too late to wish everyone Happy New Year and Happy Chinese New Year. Hope this year will be a better year for everyone. First of all, I would like to apologize for not updating my blog for such a long time. Thanks to those who visited my blog and left comments on my posts. For the past few months, I’ve been spending time reviewing my old collection of photos and doing photography homework. I found a lot of mistakes I made in my past works and there is still so much room for improvement. I’ve been thinking that I should find a few subjects I’m interested to shoot, capture photos with stories, and spend more time improving my work and expanding my knowledge in photography. I went to take photos at a few places with photography masters and friends to learn from them and to improve my angle of view. They have been kind and helped me to understand more about my camera, photography skills, and the art of seeing things. I’m really grateful for their teaching and sharing, and for their time to give me opinions and comments about my works. It’s great to meet these nice people. I would like to personally thank my mentor “Master Lim Tian Seng” for enlightening and educating me about art sense in photography and for sharing tips and ways to improve my works. These are some photos I took from the past month and have been posted on my fb account. Please bear with me, I will surely post the rest of the series soon. Thank you everyone for the supports 🙂

taiping lake



feather final


mornign dew


final drum


graceful final



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