Charcoal Factory

A visit to charcoal factory at Kuala Sepetang, Taiping, Malaysia with my wife and friends. Kuala Sepetang Charcoal Factory has always been one of my favourite photography locations and place to take photographs. We had an amazing time, lot of fun and it has been a fruitful experience to take photographs and witness how charcoal is being made. I hope you enjoy these photographs and thank you for taking your time to visit my blog. I would also like to express my gratitude and appreciation to my wife and friends who helped and assisted me during my stay in Taiping. =)

Breakfast before start working

A woman worker dispense broken charcoal pieces while the morning sun rays shine into the factory.

Workers unloading logs collected from Mangrove forest

Logs were carried into the factory. Each log weights around 25-50 kilogram.

A warm morning smile

A worker opened the kiln after a month

Arranging the logs in the kiln.

Worker measure and cut the logs. Logs measuring 2.4 metres or less.

Cart is used in the factory to carry the logs to the kiln

Women harvesting/collecting charcoal from the kiln.

Charcoal sorting and packing to be exported worldwide.

Headman monitors the fire, baking and temperature to attain good quality charcoal.



5 thoughts on “Charcoal Factory

  1. Hi Luke, this is my first visit to your blog. You’ve a fascinating collection of photos here. I’m impressed with the details captured and may I know you shot in RAW and process later? Many thanks!

  2. Hi Luke. My name is John and I am a photography enthusiast. After stumbling upon your blog from a Google search of this charcoal factory, I must say that these pictures blew me away. You take stunning images; you are truly an inspiration. Best regards.

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