Circular Panorama Images

I recently learned how to make a circular panorama images with photoshop through a friend. It takes a panoramic ( or landscape ) photo and uses the Polar Coordinates of Photoshop CS to create a circular image that seems to wrap the panorama around a planet and it’s easy to do!! Let’s get started. Select an image of panorama or landscape, crop and straighten the image in photoshop to make the horizon absolutely horizontal. Then, select IMAGE > IMAGE SIZE from the menus. Uncheck “CONSTRAIN PROPORTIES” and set the “height” to the same value as your “width”. Next, you can choose to rotate the image 180 degrees ( IMAGE > ROTATE CANVAS > 180 ) or just leave it like that. Next, we will apply the polar filter to wrap the image into a sphere. Choose FILTER > DISTORT > POLAR COORDINATES and click OK  =). Rotate the planet to your liking, adjust the contrast and colors, clean up the edges where the left and right border of the image come together. ( The clone stamp, healing brush, and smudge tool may be handy here. ) That’s it… Have fun with it.


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